Financial English. Level 2

The programs were designed on the basis of ACCA Qualification materials, ACCA past papers, business and financial articles, corporate financial statements and reports. Course materials include 80% of professional vocabulary from ACCA and CIMA Qualifications.

Financial English 2 provides more detailed and in-depth knowledge of accounting and finance vocabulary. Advanced speech patterns and themes are practiced through talks, listening and writing practice. The program builds on the knowledge acquired in Financial English 1.

Financial English 2 Upper- Intermediate level
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Course outcome:
  • ability to speak in a confident manner on various accounting, finance and legal issues using a wide range of professional vocabulary
  • ability to understand and interpret spoken professional language;
  • ability to respond quickly and confidently to questions, give opinions, deliver presentations, hold negotiations both in a conversation and in writing;
  • business letter writing skills.

Entry level
  • Intermediate / Upper-Intermediate English;
  • knowledge of basic financial vocabulary.

To enroll on the course you are required to take a written test and online interview with a teacher.
Detailed syllabus
1. Selected IFRSs and IASs
2. Accounting policies, changes in accounting estimates and errors
3. Consolidated statement of financial position
4. Audit and assurance, external and internal audit, auditors and fraud
5. Cash and sales forecasting
6. Cost structure
7. Pricing
8. Problems with budgets
9. Types of companies
10. Personal banking
11. Commercial loans and credit ratings
12. Financial ratios
13. IPO and investment banking
14. Anti money laundering

Tense system
Passive voice
Adjectives and adverbs
Gerund and infinitive structures
Reported speech
Linking and contrasting
Modal verbs

Business communication: fluent discussion of financial issues, presentations on professional topics, reading comprehension of original literature (IASs, IFRS, ACCA and CIMA materials), negotiations.

Writing: analytical reports and claims, notes to FSs, accounting policies and other finance-related policies, surveys.
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