English for ACCA

The programs were designed on the basis of ACCA Qualification materials, ACCA past papers, business and financial articles, corporate financial statements and reports. Course materials include 80% of professional vocabulary from ACCA and CIMA Qualifications.

“English for ACCA” was developed by the teachers of Financial English in cooperation with ACCA. It is aimed at students who are going to take ACCA Professional level exams.

English for ACCA. Intermediate-Upper-Intermediate level
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The program is a quick solution to mastering writing skills with a focus on answering ACCA professional exam questions. Students are trained to use advanced vocabulary, to interpret cases of exam questions, thus developing ability to rephrase, analyse and draw conclusions in a concise but comprehensive manner in accordance with the requirements of ACCA professional exams.
The course is a unique opportunity to polish off the knowledge acquired on the Financial English 2 program.

Course outcome
  • development of reading techniques for better understanding professional texts and exams tasks;
  • skills of different type of writing works (essays, memos, reports, summaries, notes)

Course materials include
  • financial vocabulary and collocations usually used in writing;
  • interactive on-line exercises;
  • ACCA exam format exercises for developing writing skills;
  • language tests based on ACCA Professional level exam activities.

Entry level
  • Intermediate / Upper-Intermediate English;
  • professional knowledge in ACCA subject area;
  • knowledge of basic financial vocabulary.

To enroll on the course you are required to take a written test and online interview with a teacher.
Detailed syllabus
Application of IFRS
1. Non-current assets, impairment
2. Revenue, leases
3. Financial instruments, related parties, provisions

Financial and non-financial indicators
4. Financial analysis
5. Non-financial performance indicators

6. Audit evidence, procedures, internal controls
7. Ethics and money laundering

Growth strategies and financial decisions
8. Acquisitions and mergers
9. Dividend policy

Performance management
10. Value chain
11. Risk management
12. Technology and data analytics
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